Friday, October 18, 2013

Universal Heart Book Club Episode 12 - Stephanie Dowrick interviews Walter Mason about his new book 'Destination Cambodia'

This month we have done something special and quite fun.
By some wonderful accident Universal Heart Book Club co-hosts Stephanie Dowrick and Walter Mason each have new books released at the same time.

So we decided to review each other's book and then to interview each other about the book and the experience of writing it.  First up is Stephanie's review of Walter's new release Destination Cambodia and, below, her interview with him.

If you have enjoyed this interview we would love it if you could share the link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else on social media. Your efforts support ours! You can buy Walter's wonderful book Destination Cambodia (FREE postage) via THIS LINK. Your comments - below - also always cherished by us.

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