About Walter Mason

Walter is a writer, teacher, blogger and speaker with a special interest in spirituality.
Born in 1970 in rural North Queensland, Walter spent some years doing correspondence school on a remote tin mine. On returning to “town” he devoted his life to singing, acting and the arts, and was constantly performing from the age of 12 – 17.

His academic career has included studying theatre, Chinese and 6 months at the Ho Chi Minh Social Sciences University in Vietnam studying the Vietnamese language. He is currently completing his PhD on the history of self-help literature in Australia.

Walter's travel memoir Destination Saigon was named by the Sydney Morning Herald one of the ten best travel books of 2010. His next book, Destination Cambodia, was released in 2013.


  1. Walter you may be interested in the Wheeler Centres' interview with Melinda Harvey - reading, memoir and the big 'c'. During her cancer time she found reading fiction didn't do it for her, and lists cancer sufferers memoirs .. i have to say i found the same. the books that are sustaining me through this period (my own bibliotherapy) have been all things Stephanie Dowrick, Caroline Myss' books especially 'Interior Castle', Brian Weiss' books, i avoided other cancer stories though they seemed to hit me in the face at every turn. i agree with Harvey's experience, it wasn't a question of my me for me and illness doesn't give you profound insight nor make you a saint nor do you transcend- it makes you vulnerable, fearful, profoundly sad and for me grateful for the little stuff and furious about the big stuff and also an over whelming feeling of the wasted energy on the stuff that in the end doesn't really matter. Perhaps this may be an area you may like to explore in the book club and would align with your PhD. best wishes


  2. Thank you for directing me to this, Peta - fascinating. It is so interesting how our reading tastes change at different points in our lives.