About Universal Heart Book Club

Walter Mason & Stephanie Dowrick
The Universal Heart Book Club was launched in July 2012 as a global book club for people who care passionately about books - and especially the values that best support us as a global family. It's hosted by two Australian-based writers, Stephanie Dowrick - writer, reading activist, founder of the Universal Heart Network - and travel writer, reviewer and blogger, Walter Mason.

You can learn more about us under our separate bio pages here, but - quickly - we are two people who share a passion for writing, reading and conversation about books and ideas. We also share a passion for activism - engaging with what we care about most. We both work as writers. Stephanie has been a publisher previously (she was founder of the London publishers, The Women's Press) and Walter a bookseller. We both teach writing. (Stephanie also leads renowned retreats.) We know the book world - and love it. But we also have some stimulating differences in age and life experiences. That variety is only part of what will make your visits a rich experience.

May the Universal Heart Book Club flourish!

Each month we post reviews and articles to bring to your attention books and ideas that matter. We are less interested in how recent a book is than how relevant it is to your current questions and needs. Our goal is to help you to discover books worth your time and attention - and to make reading even more a source of pleasure and insight in your life. We now have an extremely rich backlog of articles: do explore.

Our "bookstore links" - above right - let you immediately purchase any book that captures your interest - wherever you are in the world as you read this. Buying books through this site helps to support us as we receive a small % on any book sale originated through this website - our only income. All work for this website is voluntary so you support us best by buying (any of your) books through those links - also "linking forward": creating links to articles you find here on your own social media, blogs, emails. This is a CONVERSATION!

Your comments and observations will add to this conversation. They are so welcome. Don't hesitate to engage and share your view. We want to hear them.


  1. Hi Stephanie and Walter,

    I am loving the Universal Heart Book club. May i make a suggestion for a review? Mary Robinson's autobiography. Natasha Mitchell interviewed Mary this morning and her book sounds wonderful- Mary had lived such a rich interesting life.


  2. Hi Stephanie and Walter,
    Your website is very interesting. I have been recommending it to friends and look forward to more heartfelt 'Recent Video' reviews.
    I do have a small favour to ask: Please could you correct the spelling of my name to Deirdra under the portrait of Jane Goodall when you get the chance? Many thanks! Deirdra Drysdale drysdaleartd.com