Monday, October 14, 2013

A reader's glowing report on Choosing Happiness

Universal Heart Book Club co-host Dr Stephanie Dowrick writes: 

Like most writers, I absolutely love seeing well-worn editions of my books. Often at readings or workshops people will show me books that are heavily marked, sometimes with a note of apology in their voice. But I am invariably thrilled! I write the books to be used, argued with, wept over, laughed with out loud, hugged...and read again. There is nothing passive about writing, nor about good readers and good reading.

That means when Sarah Artist told me that she had literally rubbed off the gold on her original edition of Choosing Happiness to reveal the green beneath, I asked her to send me a copy so that I could share it on Facebook. And encourage others, too, to engage with any of my books with even less inhibition. This is how Sarah replied: 'I promised you today that I'd post a picture of my book onto your facebook site, however I'm not sure I can do that - I can't find the facility. Anyway, I'll repeat my expression of gratitude. I have several of your books but Choosing Happiness has been a sanity-saver over many years. It has supported me through many of life's changes and challenges, and has hopefully made me a more resilient and good humoured person - and, of course, happier.

You may not know that when the gold rubs off, it's patchy at first and then when more rubs off it's pea-green and smooth underneath :-) Thankyou, and peace be with you. Sarah.'

Thank you, too, Sarah. And do please post your comments below if you want to share some stories about your own loved, worn and treasured books. We'd be delighted to hear.

Use the comments box immediately below, choosing "anonymous" for ease if you don't have a google email address. Sorry about "captcha"; without it we can be spammed. Just note, two "collections" of words, letters with a space between. Oh and do buy the books you discover here! You can no longer find the gold edition of Choosing Happiness in Australia, alas. You can, however, find the exact same contents in the later (also very handsome) edition of Choosing Happiness. This link takes you to our new affiliate bookstore where you can buy this or any other book, benefit us as well as yourself, and enjoy free postage!  Here's to happiness. And thank you again to Sarah.


  1. I too bought Choosing Happiness (not the gold edition) at a time in my life when I had made a massive life-changing decision only to find it all come crashing down around me. This book was a saviour and in the margin's are many comments to self and paragraphs and sentences that hit home are underlined. Its a wonderful book and still refer to it. I've read all your books Stephanie and have gained much from all of them. Many thanks. Beth.

  2. Thank you Beth. Your comments and underlines themselves tell a story, not least of healing and change. Blessings of happiness and contentment to you!

  3. My copy has been a life-saver many-a-time! Reminding me, gently, that I can't expect one person to fulfil my every needs, that I have everything within me to meet the day, that I can soothe myself, that what someone says is often more a reflection of them, not me.....SO full of insights and calming balms - THANK YOU Stephanie (and Catherine, of course!)

    My copy is constantly on my bedside table, with a variety of bookmarks and bits of paper sticking out at all angles, along with a bookmark of the smiling photo of my Grandma. It is always within reach!

  4. Your books have been an inspiration, comfort and guiding light to me for over 20years Stephanie - ever since I first read "Intimacy and Solitude" and decided it was the singularly most helpful "self-help" book I had ever read ( and by then I was well-read in that genre believe me!) I lent it to my brother in HK and of course it suffered from mildew and mould from the extreme humidity there! I think I have all of your books and have given and lent them to many of my friends and family so I usually keep a second copy just for myself! Thank you from the bottom of my heart - I know I add my voice to those of so many but I really can't find the words to say how much your books have helped me and my loved ones over so many of life's terribly tough times for so long!
    I also just wanted to add how much I appreciate your daily inspirational texts and pix on FB - so great for "sharing"!

  5. Thank you, Michelle. And for sharing what it specifically helpful to you. That is always so helpful to me. I love your bookmark image too!

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  7. Jeanette, your words too reach straight to my heart. And how gorgeous to hear that you give, lend, share them... Very glad too that you are part of the FB community which has become quite central to my work also. Thank you.