Thursday, April 18, 2013

Walter Mason reads Jennifer Skiff's The Divinity of Dogs

Many of us would, I am sure, have had a canine companion in our lives.

I can remember vividly all of the dogs of my childhood, and for the past sixteen years I have shared my life with an adorably naughty terrier mutt called Mimi, who is the absolute centre of our existence. These are her autumn years, and in recent months I have been attending more and more to her geriatric needs. I find myself rewarding her lifetime of loyalty and friendship by providing a safe and comfortable environment for her last days. She spends about twenty hours a day sleeping and four hours being fed, groomed and hugged.

My own Divine Dog, Mimi

This is partly the reason why this lovely new book, The Divinity of Dogs, spoke so vividly to me. In its pages I read story after story of just how important and how deeply spiritual is the relationship between human and dog. The collected true stories are about people and their dogs, and I delighted in accounts of dogs who can hug, dogs who comfort people during times of grief, and dogs whose own passing teaches their owners important life lessons.

The author, journalist and dog lover Jennifer Skiff, asked a wide range of people to send in their accounts of their relationship with special dogs, relatiionships that might go beyond any casual interpretation of animal companionship and instead reveal the possibility of a divine connection with other beings.

Jennifer Skiff
Each and every story contained in this book is moving, inspiring and thought provoking. I have to warn that it is also tear-jerking, and I had to put it aside several times when I found myself in a fit of intense emotion. It's a book for animal lovers of all kinds, and especially for anyone who has had a special dog friend in their lives.

It is also a testimony to the importance of companion animals in so many people's lives, a fact that is frequently trivialised or diminished. For many people in this book their dog has been their lifeline, the one true and constant friend who has stood by themn in times of great trauma and emotional need.

The author herself has had her life transformed by caring for dogs and in many ways becoming an advocate for their rights and importance in our culture.

This is such a life-affirming and love-filled book. I know that you will love it, and I urge you to send a copy to any dog enthusiast in your life.

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  1. My dog and I have so enjoyed this tribute. The subtle and mysterious relations between humans and animals continue to defy the assumption that homo sapiens knows what it's all about.

  2. Walter I know beloved dogs/fur people are divine. my own beloved the late Jesse (healer x with everything) was one such darling. I vowed never to own a dog again. I am happy to grandfurbaby sit my children's beloveds. Bless Jennifer Skiff for articulating what is in the hearts of furpeople lovers