Thursday, April 18, 2013

Universal Heart Book Club Episode 8, April 2013

Welcome to the April 2013 video discussion from the Universal Heart Book Club - where your co-hosts Stephanie Dowrick and Walter Mason discuss our special finds of the month. This month we talk about Jennifer Skiff's The Divinity of Dogs, Anne Deveson's Waging Peace and Juliet Darling's A Double Spring.

You will also find our written reviews of these books below, as well as a range of other very fine articles including writer Jane Goodall's hosting of our new and very special feature "The Reading Life" and Sophie Masson's article on a new initiative for those eager to e-publish. You will also find a Manga reviewed, and Jane Meredith might provoke you to think quite newly about the "Dark Goddess". As you read the articles we feature each month, please feel free to share your views in our comments section.  It's easy using "Anonymous" if you don't have Google email. Just watch out for "Captcha": always two sets of letters or words with a space between. Those conversations are essential to this being the "book club" we envision. Many thanks to our dear friend William Suganda for the marvellous support he is giving us to film this short conversation.

This is one of Nick Haeffner's glorious photos. See Jane Goodall's article below.

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  1. Juliet Darling's "A Double Spring" is an incredible book. Thanks for bringing my attention to it.