Friday, February 15, 2013

Universal Heart Book Club Episode 6, February 2013

Welcome to the February 2013 video discussion from the Universal Heart Book Club!

Welcome! This month Stephanie Dowrick and Walter Mason - your Book Club hosts - are discussing two books that deal very differently with the realm of the personal. Walter brings you Gretchen Rubin's guide to finding joy in the domestic sphere, Happier at Home and Stephanie talks about Eben Alexander's personal journey beyond everyday consciousness, Proof of Heaven.  You will also find their written reviews of these two exceptional books on this website. And as usual we would welcome your comments and engagement either here or on Stephanie or Walter's Facebook pages.
(Please forgive our lack of welcome on video, or a fond farewell! Alas, while our usual director, Peter Kirkwood, remains on sabbatical, we are filming in a sincere but amateur way ourselves, with help of dear friend William Suganda keeping us in frame. We are restricted to the most basic editing and YouTube's 10-minute rule, but the essential content remains, we hope, as relevant and intriguing.)

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  1. I am posting this as an example comment! Have used "Anonymous". Stephanie D.

  2. Definitely want to read these books, especially the second one.
    Thank you both for such gently enticing reviews:)

  3. Dear Stephanie and Walter

    Thank you so much for the Universal Heart Book Club I so much enjoy following your book reviews and for especially reviewing the book "Proof of Heaven" by Eden Alexander. I loved reading "Happier at Home" by Gretchen Rubin lots of tips there to make my home a more nurturing and loving enviornment and for me to reflect more on "Being Rod" and what that really means in my life.

    With love and blessings to you both.

    Rod Offner