Friday, August 31, 2012

How to post a comment

 Walter Mason, co-host of the Universal Heart Book Club, makes it easy for you to post the comments we would love to have.

The Universal Heart Book Club is a conversation about books that matter. And that means we very much want to hear from you! Some of you have mentioned that it is not clear how to post a comment on the blog, and I would have to agree that the Blogger template does not make it immediately obvious. But once you know your way around it is quite simple. Here's how.

If you have come to the full blog at and have scrolled down to an entry you want to post on, go right to the end of that post. Underneath those handy "You might also like" boxes you will see a "No comments" line that looks like this:

Or, if people have already left comments, the "comments line" will look like this:

Simply click on that blue line that says "No Comments" or "X# Comments" and you will be taken straight to a box where you can leave your comment and post it. To do this, use your name via a Google or one of the other accounts offered, OR using the very easy "Anonymous". This last choice also gives you the opportunity to add your name WITHIN the comment box.

Please note that you will have to enter a CAPTCHA test word before you can post. This is unfortunate but necessary because blogs are targeted for spam comments, often in their hundreds (I know, I have been the victim!). For now the CAPTCHA phrase is the only way we have of stopping that happening. It makes this clumsy system easier to know that there are TWO "words" - usually a nonsense "word" and a number. You must enter both, with a space between. Be assured that we will simplify this as much as we can as changes to website management allow it. We want to hear from you!


  1. This looks wonderful, Walter and Stephanie. All the best with it. I can see I will be a regular visitor. Love, Avril

  2. Thank, Avril - and how exciting to see your name on here :-)

  3. Thanks Walter for writing this. Everything that we can do to encourage conversations is so worthwhile. Reading and talking about reading...that's what makes this a book CLUB!!

  4. From Stephanie (using "anonymous") We want this to be as easy as possible! Choose "anonymous" if you wish - you can still add your name in the body of text (as I've done here). The Captcha trick is to see that there are usually TWO sets of letters/numbers with a space between. We must have this system in place to avoid spam and the chaos it can cause, or even the loss of content on a website. Thank you for your understanding.