Thursday, August 16, 2012

Universal Heart Book Club Episode 1, August 2012

Here is our first ever video discussion for the Universal Heart Book Club!

Writers Stephanie Dowrick and Walter Mason are your hosts of the new Universal Heart Book Club! Each month we will bring you a range of books that can illuminate, provoke, entertain "readers who care". Here we discuss our impressions of two very different books:  Charlotte Wood's reflection on food and cooking, Love & Hunger, and Barbara Arrowsmith Young's acclaimed book The Woman Who Changed Her Brain.  You will also find our written reviews of these books below (July 2012), as well as a range of other articles.

As you read the books we feature, we'd so love to read your own feelings and views in our comments section. Those conversations are essential to this being the "book club" we envision.

Join us as we explore the reading journey. Many thanks to Peter Kirkwood for the marvellous job he has done filming this conversation and bringing it to you.


  1. Dear Walter & Stephanie, I can't thank you enough for your generous words and for so perfectly understanding what I was trying to do in Love & Hunger. Am just very touched, thank you.
    Charlotte Wood

  2. Thanks Stephanie and Walter. This a great concept! Look forward to hearing more of your insights and expanding my reading repertoire.

  3. It was such fun to do this - and the culmination of months of planning. Peter Kirkwood helped so much to make it look and sound even better than we hoped.