Monday, July 9, 2012

Walter Mason on more "food books"

More "food" books? 

If Love & Hunger interests you, you may also be interested in:

Gay Bilson Plenty
David Thompson Thai Food
Alice Thomas Ellis Fish, Flesh and Good Red Herring
Eric Schlosser Fast Food Nation
Amy Sedaris I Like You


  1. Those books - and any other new or old favourites - can be purchased via this site. That supports this Bookclub!

  2. I have yet to read "Plenty" however, Gay Bilson was on ABC's Compass - link below- and I became intrigues with Bilson and her simplicity of lifestyle and thought. I had to watch the episode a number of time to drink in her wisdom, philosophies and values. Bilson radiates the peace of a soul who is finally at home in her earthly time, place and being. Please watch the episode to feel the sense of this woman and what she is doing and being.

    i will be buying "Plenty" from your bookshop again Stephanie as i had the best online buying experience.My last book was ordered online Thursday and arrived on Tuesday the following week in perfect condition. I was updated at each stage of the delivery process. I highly recommend your bookshop and staff thank you for a wonderful experience.

    1. I am simply delighted to hear that the buying experience was positive. Especially until corporate Australia comes to us begging to advertise (ha ha), those little bookstore % will make a huge difference. I will pass on your kind words to Seek/Collins.