Saturday, July 7, 2012

About the Universal Heart Book Club

Walter Mason & Stephanie Dowrick
The Universal Heart Book Club is a brand new on-line global book club for people who care passionately about books - and the values that best support us. It's hosted by two Australian-based writers, Stephanie Dowrick - writer, reading activist, founder of the Universal Heart Network - and travel writer, reviewer and blogger, Walter Mason.

We are two people who share a lifetime passion for writing, reading and conversation. We both work as writers. Stephanie has been a publisher previously (and was founder of the London publishing house, The Women's Press) and Walter a bookseller. We know the book world - and love it. But we also have some stimulating differences in age and life experiences. That variety is only part of what will make your regular visits to these pages a rich experience.

How you can enjoy the Universal Heart Book Club

Each month we are bringing you a video discussion of two books that have particularly captured our attention. We will also post reviews and articles separately - to expand the range of books and ideas that could interest you. Our goal is to help you to discover books worth your time and attention. We are inviting other writers also to review, comment and give fascinating background to the books they are reading - or have written. Those articles are fresh, insightful and we have been delighted by the enthusiasm of people generous enough to write for these pages.

Our "bookstore links" let you immediately purchase any book that captures your interest - wherever you are in the world as you read this. Those sales return a vital small % to the Book Club - whatever book(s) you purchase.

You will also support us - and engage more actively - with your comments and observations. These will add to this global conversation. Don't hesitate to engage and share your views as you read the books we've selected. Walter has added a post on "How to post a comment". Enjoy!

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  1. We have been a little slower than we hoped to launch this Bookclub. Both Walter and I have been very busy or away - but planning has continued and we are increasingly excited by the possibilities it offers for reading activists, keen readers, thoughtful readers...READERS!
    I noticed with sadness while on holiday how few people were reading real books - or books on Kindle, which of course you can also do via this site. Let's make book-reading encouragement contagious!