Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Keen to improve your writing - and your life?

If you live in Sydney, or within reach, and if you are keen to "really write" in 2015, then make a start by coming to the Faber Writing Academy information night on 2 February to choose from three exceptionally supportive courses. Stephanie Dowrick is among the tutors and will again be presenting her "WRITERS' WORKSHOP".  More information below. You can call 8425 0100 or email

Dr Stephanie Dowrick is a former publisher and editor, and a writing teacher of great experience, as well as being herself an accomplished writer.

'It was an exhilarating experience. In the process we began to observe more closely and think more deeply, read with more appreciation and feel more able to express ourselves in language.' Helen (The Writers' Workshop 2014)

'The Writers' Workshop stimulates you to write weekly, think freshly and build confidence in your work. Stephanie passes on her expert skills through three methods: the introduction of key ideas, focussed discussions on each individual's work and engaging with each student to set and achieve weekly goals. This results in the removal of mental blocks that prevent you from writing well and increasing your word count.' Sarah (The Writers' Workshop 2014)

 The Writers' Workshop runs from 20 April to 27 June. It is made up of seven 3-hour Monday sessions and one all-day Saturday session. The writers meet at the offices of Allen & Unwin in Crows' Nest. The group is very small to allow for maximum attention for each participant. The course fee includes refreshments, and inspiring class notes from Stephanie Dowrick. 

The Writers' Workshop, made up of seven evening sessions plus a concluding full-day workshop, is intended to be an intensely rewarding time of writing and of "new thinking": about your work - and about yourself as a creative person and writer. The emphasis here is on you, the writer, as well as on your writing. As the meetings continue, you will write with increasing fluency and satisfaction and will discover what brings out your best intentions. Just as vitally, you will have time to consider in rare depth what a "writing life" means to you; what motivates and sustains you as a writer; what your goals are and how you can achieve them; what and how you read for pleasure, craft and inspiration.
Through focused discussion of each individual's work and of writing and reading more generally, you will explore vital questions of craft, while also investigating and growing your vision of what you can discover and achieve through your writing. You will certainly increase the intrinsic rewards of your writer's life, whether or not the work you produce is yet shared publicly.

Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to try new skills and to approach your writing with an enhanced sense of adventure. Each meeting will offer a mix of teaching on the evening's topic along with discussion, exercises, and a rotating focus on participants' work, always involving the whole group in how to listen with interest and generosity, as well as how to meet craft and content challenges, self-edit and re-write.

The Writers' Workshop is best suited to people who are ready to write in a regular, committed way, who are eager to advance a substantial project, or to try out new forms. The group is likely to include creative writers of non-fiction as well as fiction and perhaps some poets. Whatever your current modality and experience, The Writers' Workshop will offer each participant greater choice, pleasure and freedom within and beyond their current writing repertoire. It will also offer the delights of an intensely supportive writing group and the stimulation and confidence that brings.

For complete details:visit this LINK.

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