Saturday, July 20, 2013

Universal Heart Book Club Episode 11, July 2013

Welcome to the July 2013 video discussion from the Universal Heart Book Club - where your co-hosts Stephanie Dowrick and Walter Mason discuss our special finds of the month. This month we talk about Alison Oakervee's Share and Michael Pollan's Cooked.  We also celebrate our FIRST ANNIVERSARY of this Book Club (founded, July 2012). And Stephanie introduces you to a remarkable organization, Women for Women International (and their local links).

You will also find our written reviews of these books below, as well as a range of almost 100 very fine articles written during this last year. As you read the articles we feature each month, please feel free to share your views in our comments section. It's easy using "Anonymous" if you don't have Google email. Just watch out for "Captcha": always two sets of letters or words with a space between. Those conversations are essential to this being the "book club" we envision. Many thanks to our dear friend Peter Kirkwood for the marvellous support he is giving us to film this short conversation.


  1. Walter your book and author have articulated my latest conversation on processed food lately! i will be emailing this think to those to whom i've been discussing this topic - over processed, underloved, non nourishing tateless= lacking in subtlety of flavours. Will be buying Michael Pollan's "Cooked" Thank you both and Happy 1st Anniversary Universal Heart Book Club

  2. Peta - I am absolutely confident that you will love the book! Not only is he a provocative thinker, but he writes beautifully and the book is just a joy to read.