Thursday, November 15, 2012

Walter Mason reads Rev. Jerry D. Troyer's Coming Out to Ourselves

The Rev. Jerry D. Troyer has written the most inspiring, illuminating and empowering book that uses a premise familiar to GLBTQI people everywhere - the notion of "coming out" - and applies its liberating potential to all. In Coming Out to Ourselves, Rev. Jerry draws on his own personal journey through addiction and recovery to draw some wider lessons for all readers.

He employs some of the ideas of our very own Stephanie Dowrick and his own personal teacher, the dynamic teacher, author and Unity minister Edwene Gaines

Jerry captures perfectly the mood and concerns of so many of us in the early 21st century. Difficult childhoods, shame around our sexuality and relationships and the less-than-enlightened teachings of some religious leaders all contribute to a potential core of anger within us, but Jerry urges us to turn instead to forgiveness, which is ultimately more liberating. It also, hopefully, leads us towards taking a kinder view of our own journey because, as Jerry points out, "Often, forgiving someone else is easier than forgiving ourselves."

Rev. Jerry D. Troyer
In a world in which we are potentially paralysed, paradoxically by both choice and an overwhelming sense of obligation, this lovely book reminds us that any major change is the merest step away. Instead of terrifying ourselves with the prospect of massive shifts in being, Jerry leads us along a gentler path, telling us that instead we can condition ourselves to make small and consistent choices that lead us towards more positive states of being. Jerry writes with great heart and warmth, and is brave in exposing his own battles with lifestyle changes, which included dealing with a weight problem and the drug addiction of his life partner.

This is a book about leaving our old selves behind and moving towards new beliefs that accept the true wonder of who we are and celebrate the hope that lies in all our futures. It is beautifully inspiring, and a lovely reminder that we are indeed wonderful and unique beings. After reading it I felt an immense gratitude, and a great love for all of the wonderful people in my life who have encouraged me to grow and to celebrate my uniqueness. In a world where we are so often surrounded by negative, angry discourse it's important we remind ourselves of just how much love is available to us.

For, in Rev. Jerry's words: "Wouldn't you rather have a truly, honestly, fabulous life?"

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